ℓιvε ғαsт, ∂ιε үσυηg, вε ωιℓ∂ & нαvε ғυη.

(via 500px / Gray wolf (Canis lupes) by D. Robert Franz)

Hawaii by Yves Rubin

How Pisces See’s a Relationship:Love is a necessity for Pisces. Love can come and go throughout life but Pisces will never give up the search for “the one”. Love is a sense of belonging and emotional binding. Through all the emotional ups and downs that love brings it also brings a feeling of inner peace when Pisces is in a relationship. Pisces likes to take care of a lover but also wants their partner to do their part when it comes to taking care of them. Pisces has a romantic and dreamy side to them too in love. Pisces has a manipulative side when it comes to relationships and knows how to slowly wrap around their lover and can even isolate them from the rest of the world. Pisces needs to learn how to share a little and how to have faith in a partner. A Pisces also knows how to emotionally drain another person. On the up-side a Pisces can change within a relationship and be adaptable. Pisces is completely giving and even serving in a relationship. Pisces never fears falling in love with someone. Ultimately Pisces see’s a relationship as two people making one another their world and seeing each other as “the one” until/unless proven wrong.